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Remember me....?

You've probally realised this time that you got daily feature so I'm not going to go into that so... Well this is excellent, I love those two adorable creatures and now they star in their own music video. It's absolutley superb. Perhaps because of the lyrics of the song you may want to conside Mild audible laungage and perhaps mild violence aswell. I understand you to make this to appeal to all audiences but you don't want to misleed them. Anyway I've got to go now. Have yourself a nice day.

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stoners-lunchbox responds:

Thanks for the feedback, man! Afraid i don't remember you, though... Give us a yell on my addy:


Catch ya!

Suitable for all? Heck No...

...That was more like Mild Audible Launguage and Mild violence. I didn't paticuarly like this episode. The other ones are funnier and less violent and rude. I'm not saying you've lost your touch but perhaps there is room for improvement. Anyway have yourself a Good day.

The-Swain responds:

I've commented before, I agree that it's not suitable for all audiences. None of the episodes really are. I don't intend it for kids, even if it is "clean".

But blood does not necessarily equal violence (which is what is rated), and "Hell" or "Christ" are only profane if you believe in an almighty Lord whose name can be spoken in vain, as opposed to the REAL cuss-words, which are profane to anyone who speaks English. But there are none of those words here, and neither will there ever be.

Unfortunately, I would have to "lie" about the violence or language just to get it something other than an "Everyone" rating, but I don't agree with replacing one false title with another.

BESIDES. Isn't the comic about Blockhead? Isn't it most important that he stays clean, regardless of the world around him? He will never be profane. He will never kill or seriously injure someone.

Anyways, yours is still a very fair and honest review, so thanks for writing one for me! I've noticed that Ep.5 was funnier for people who haven't been watching the series very long, so I want you to keep your faith in me, if you still have any. Blockhead: The Feature is going to blow your mind and make it all worth it, I promise.


Total copy of Tommy_Lm. Tommy_Lm also does cartoon called wonderboy and he does no pupiled eyes and massive eyebrows. eh? Well anyway I really enjoyed this slightly choppy at points. But otherwise this was good 7/10


Reading the last review I guess you haven't realised THIS GOT FRONT PAGE AND SECOND PLACE. I watched this as soon as this came on newgrounds (It was submitted just after three dudes and a dog) Well anyway well done for frontpage.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Nah i realised yesterday night. And i DID know it received second place. But my score was still being lowered and that kinda made me wonder why it got second place if everybody thinks it's average.

Thanks for the support!


Good ol Otus. That was the most amaizing music video. I'm going to add you and your movie to my favs. Good day to you sir.


Butterfly smasher should win !!! I have watched all of your cartoons they are all fab. Pigpen did well too I must add.


That was really cool please tell me where you got sprites!!!

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Hooray another Wonchop flash.

Wonchop rules crunk fo shizzle.

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Wonchop responds:

Fo sheezy it's off the heezy

Aww little bear things.

Okay you may think I'm mental but I honestly have to say this is one of my fav cartoons. The sound, the colors, the cute little people. Hooray for you! You better make more music videos with those characters. :D.
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Your drawings are impecable. And the monkey is cute. But the noice... made me want to hit my head against a wall. But anyway I GIVE THIS AN 8/10 AND A 5/5 woot.
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